What is ESC

Solution Provider for Real Problems

Expert Software Consultants Ltd. is a solutions centered company, specifically last mile problems.
When we say last mile problem, we mean 90-95% of the actual problem might have been settled by the available solution. But some of the problems/requirements may still persist. For example:- (i) You may have a product, which runs on a particular platform, and you want that to run on a new version of Apache/MySql/PHP combination (ii) A specific proprietary software is being used for many years and now scaling it up is needed that is not cost-effective and economically viable: we had provided such solution to Crompton Greaves Fax Network, (iii) IIT Kanpur has Machine Aided Translation System, but the real end users are not able to use it. With Sarathi they shall use it with more ease and flexibility.

Business as Means and Professional Satisfaction as End

Different perception of “means and end” We at ESC have a very different perception of means and end. Means itself is an end many times, learning new concepts/technology. The means of achieving and completing the work is an end in itself. With the incremental progress of the work we know the customer requirements shall end. But with it we come to know that the solution could have been more elegant. And this is what is more satisfying, when we come to know that there is a better way to do this.

Presume Software have Evolving Requirements

Product Development Approach, all the artifacts of SDLC keep evolving We always see the software development activity as evolving requirements. We know that problem as well as the solution shall evolve as stakeholders for the problem and solution increase. So we always try to foresee what else or what next?

Follow Process to save Time for Creativity

“Development Process” very important or end in itself. At ESC we try to be very near to the laid down Software Development Process, it is very important. By tressing the process, we try to make things more system/process dependent. By doing so we ensure that we humans at ESC have more time for further creativity.

Venture into Unknown Domain

Accept Problems whose solutions we still don’t know. We at ESC are in a habit of venturing into problems. We indulge into Problems that are really of unknown domains, or sometimes we have only heard of such problems/solutions, never had hands on experience of the same.

Reuse and Lateral Thinking

Try to reuse the solutions, design, and concepts used in the past. When we venture into something new either as problem of the customer or due to the fertile mind that we have, we always try to apply lateral thinking, or it is a result of lateral thinking. This is one of the very strong reasons that we venture in to new problems.