Expert is an IT organisation that offers both products and services. Here are some of the products we have developed.

XNS: eXpert Notification Server

XNS (eXpert Notification Server) is a product, which solves various kinds of messaging needs of an enterprise. It is a system that can be used by any of its registered client to send notifications to recipients either over e-mail, fax, phone, pager or cell-phone, or any combination of them in clients’ specified conditions.

It provides API through which it can be linked with any kind of native applications. XNS can receive messages from a TCP/IP client application and then in turn it sends these messages to the intended recipients.

ESC has various software messaging components that are part of its earlier products like Telelink, FaxLink, FaxRouter, e-page, etc.


Samvaad is a web based voice mailing software using it a user (samvaadak) can record, and send his/her samvaads to any other user (preshak) in his real language. Now other user (samvaadak) can listen the coming samvaads by selecting preshak from the photo album and can send his samvaad to any preshak. Note:- this software is designed for touch screen. So it has only icon (images) representation on the users screen.

Bharati – A Multi-lingual (script) Message Server

Bharati Message Server is developed for exchanging electronic messages in all the eleven scripts of Indian languages, viz., Assamese, Bangala, Dev Nagari, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, and English. In addition, a message can be composed that have letters of any of the eleven Indic scripts in the same text. Bharati presumes that the user is equipped with an INSCRIPT keyboard of that specific script in which he wants to send e-mails.

Bharati can be configured to give the users the complete computer interface environment in any specific Indic script, and nothing else. To maintain this uniform Internet connectivity Bharati e-mail address field of the message has to be in English, as messages flow on the Internet based on “address field” written in English (ASCII standard), but the “subject field” of a message can also be in Indic scripts.

Bharati provides search facilities on its e-mails’ text irrespective of its what script/scripts is used in the message. As UNICODE encoding scheme provide search order intrinsically.


A personalized Internet based monitoring software; Subscription only through registration procedure; the subscriber can view images remotely; Easy to install, operate and maintain; Tested with Digi Link, Creative and Logitech digital camera.

Product Features

  • Remote monitoring
  • Easy registration procedure including authentication of the Netram copy
  • View images through Internet with SSL support
  • Can change image capturing and uploading settings
  • The software can operate without manual intervention