We have the following projects:

Sarathi – An Engine Assistant

Sarathi is an engine assistant for Angla Bharati Translation System developed by IIT Kanpur. Its an add-on to the translation engine which provides it with a user friendly interface. It provides a pre as well as a post editor for the translation system where the user can edit the English/hindi text input/output using various kinds of keyboards (using IMEs like, Indic IME, or Hindi Phonetic IME). The user can markup special texts like (proper nouns, names, constants, acronyms, etc.). The user can save the translated output from the translation engine for future processing. Sarathi involves all the system-engineering tasks to package Angla Bharati Translation System into a software product ready for distribution.

VAS and VUS project of FITT, IIT Delhi & MCIT, Govt. of India

The project involved multi-party development of different components for Automated Security systems of Entry-Exit Control consisting of Vehicle Authorization System and Under-Carriage Vehicle Inspection. Expert Software was involved in development of Gate Station Unit (GSU) along with database and also integration of all development components by other parties. The GSU unit was developed for VAS, VUS and Unified VAS. The GSU for VUS provides the Inspector with underside image of the vehicle. On basis of data made available to Inspector, He/She can grant entry or put vehicle on hold. The GSU for VAS on basis information received from Vehicle identification Unit, User Identification Unit and information in database performs the authorization activity and either permits or rejects a vehicle entry or exit from a campus. The database maintains information of all vehicles passing through the Gate Unit for later investigation and statistical analysis.

Sikkim Dak Portal for the Govt. of Sikkim

Sikkim Dak portal has been developed for the Govt. of Sikkim. Sikkim Dak portal provides a message server for the people of Sikkim in Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha and Hindi as well as English. The complete user interface is shown in any of the five languages/script, which the user chooses. The portal also provides an offline Indic editor kit called Valmiki. The portal has a facility for Indic language Internet chat called Varta.


Keeping in tune with the e-Governance initiatives the world over Government of India has launched National e-Governance Program (NeGP) which covers e-Governance initiatives across various government ministries. Under NeGP, Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Government of India, has initiated MCA21 project, which will enable an easy and secure access to MCA services in a manner that best suits the corporate entities and professionals, besides public at large. The MCA Project is being implemented by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and the whole implementation is technically and administratively monitored by a team lead by Tanmoy Prasad, GM, Expert Software Consultants Ltd.

MyMCA portal is the single point of contact for all MCA related services, which can be easily accessed over the Internet by all the users from a place as per their convenience. Permanent documents of existing companies like memorandum of association, articles of association, current charge documents, are distributed in paper form across various Registrar of Companies (RoC) offices. The scope of MCA21 presently covers the twenty offices of RoCs, four Regional Directors (RD) and the Head Quarters at New Delhi. MCA21 also covers setting up of 53 facilitation centers across India to help companies do electronic filing from these centers. In addition to these electronic filings are also available on Internet through which companies can do filing anytime anywhere. MCA21 also facilitates payment of fess through online payment mechanisms.